Greetings and welcome to Global Harvest Bible College. Thank you for taking interest some in our college. Allow me to explain a little bit more about us.

Global Harvest Bible College is a strategic institution. A Kingdom instrument for the "Harvest". As our Lord Jesus once said to his disciples; "The harvest is plentiful but the workers are few". We exist in response to the heart of Christ. We recognize that every soul counts to God; it is very precious to Him irrespective of tribe, race or nationality. No one should be ignored, denied or kept from hearing the Gospel of Christ; timely, correctly proclaimed under the power of the Holy Spirit. This must be followed by proper discipleship and instruction of all what Jesus commanded.

This will not happen by coincidence; prayer and a careful preparation of servants of God is inevitable. We therefore exist to Prepare Servant Leaders, Empowered by The Holy, to Reach the Nations. The good news of Christ must reach the ends of the earth. Basically this is what shapes our lives and curriculum.

Right from its inception in 2009, Global Harvest has been instrumental in training and equipping without discrimination, all those who have responded to God's call into ministry. Students come from within Tanzania, East African countries and beyond. They come from different Christian denominational backgrounds as long as they subscribe to our foundations of faith. In this way Tanzania Assemblies of God the owner of this college has been able to reach a broader spectrum of communities. Of course we don't trade or water down but maintain our Pentecostal distinctive.

We actually work in close cooperation with the Global University of USA which is also an Assemblies of God institution. Our curriculum is very effective in its objective. A comprehensive attention is given to the heart, the mind and the hands. All this is to ensure that a servant of God undergoes proper spiritual transformation, academic preparation and ministry practice and exposure. There is therefore room for real life lessons including ministry practice and planting churches that will last.

Our location probably offers the best option especially for those living in Dar es salaam, Coast Region or any other place. Our programs are flexible to meet the needs of our students. May I welcome all those who have heard His voice Please don't harden your heart. We must do the works of Him who saved us while it is daytime. God expects us to serve him at our prime age. Welcome to Global Harvest and join those who take God's calling seriously. Our dedicated lectures and staff are there waiting to serve you. It is going to be exciting to have you.