We offer;

  1.     1. Bachelor of Arts in Bible and Theology
  2.     2. Bachelor of Arts in Christian Education
  3.     3. Bachelor of Arts Degree in Intercultural Studies.
  4.         See the 2018 courses in each of the programs below (attach for each program)

Admission requirements

1. A minimum of ordinary level secondary education or a diploma in any field is a requirement for students enrolling for a 128 credit hours (1st BA) degree for 4 years.

2. Candidates with any degree from a recognized university have the option of taking a 60 credit hours program (2nd BA) for two years. An official transcript from the university will be required.

3. Spiritual requirement: Born again Christians from all denominations. A written testimony of salvation and call to ministry.

4. Recommendation letter from the respective denominational leader.

Application Procedure

You may also contact the registrar on 0767 626 929 or 0715 200 772 or